La Hacienda Creative

Transforming unique and immersive sound into an effective visual experience.


In conjunction with MOSS Design, I worked with the Creative Director over a three-month period to create the online presence for one of the world’s most talented sound studios. La Hacienda Creative craft unique audio and sound for premier television and video game clients.


La Hacienda Creative


UX Design
UI Design


Internal Analyzation

What’s in a Name?

MOSS had previously worked with La Hacienda to develop their brand strategy and early brand assets with them in the months leading up to this project. Therefore, coming into this project, I was armed with a strategy document and early typeface and colour explorations. I read through these documents several times and pulled out key language that was used to contrast it against what their previous web design looked like.

We created a simple T-chart to highlight some of the words for the brand’s presence online which would aid us in the research and design stage.



Following the internal review, one to two weeks of research was conducted to establish several visual directions that the project could go in. This was broken up into several categories including Colour, Imagery, Layout, and Type. After several meetings with the Creative Director, we narrowed in on certain directions and used those to influence our early wireframes and tests.

Sketches and Wireframes

Loose sketches and lots of notes allow me to iterate quickly while explaining my process as I go. Often coming up with better ideas than I previously had before putting them on paper. One such idea was that of “immersive sound”. By default, this feature would be turned on, and depending on how the users interacted with the website, various sounds would play. This could range from simple background music, to specific hotspots that would engage the user in certain content. This was meant to highlight the innovative approach that La Hacienda takes to sound, and also show off their fun side.

These ideas were then taken into Sketch App to refine them digitally and see what would work in practice.


Throughout this process, my Creative Director had been traveling to the studio in Montréal to work with the client in the creation of website copy. He would begin by asking questions about their work, their process, the vision for studio, and often come out with much more than expected. I was tasked with taking these notes in point form and turning them into concise sentences to be used as final copy for the website. Tone of voice was very important as La Hacienda did not want to appear corporate, so translating their notes into formalized copy turned out to be an immense challenge. This ended up being over 6000 words after multiple revisions.

Final Designs

After many rounds of revisions, meetings with the client, and internal reviews, we landed upon a final design which better speaks to the essence of the brand, showcases their personality, and puts them in the higher echelon of sound studios around the world.


Users can click on each of the instruments to start a unique sound loop. Allowing them to create their own track and a little piece of LaHa.


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